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A Career in Structured Finance

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If you are a Corporate or Finance lawyer seeking an interesting and durable specialty, you need look no further than Structured Finance. Structured Finance is a broad term whose definition is limited only by the creativity and range of instruments and transactions it encompasses.  Businesses use structured financial products to create income flows that parallel traditional financial instruments with less risk than traditional lending or capital raises. 


A good working definition of "Structured Finance" is a synthetic transaction that transfers risk; a financing transaction where legal structures are used to isolate asset or entity risk; or the monetization of any right to payments by a party which has the legal right to transfer these rights to others. Typical structured instruments are encompasses derivative financial instruments or transactions that transfer risk or the monetization of rights to payments having the legal right to transfer those payments to others, e.g. securitization of such widely used financial products as Commercial and residential Mortgage Bonds, Structured Finance Lawyers represent issuers, mangers, loan seller, and underwriters in public and private offerings of various financial products, such as residential and commercial backed mortgage backed bonds, private and public offerings of those bonds, including single assets, pooled loans, and
whole companies.  Especially popular are Collateral Loan Obligation (“CLO”) a single security backed by a pool of these classes of debt.debt. Key global industries such as energy, transportation, infrastructure, and space rely heavily on structured finance products.

Moreover, structured finance is a creative and expanding practice. The market for structured products is international and requires advice on European, American, and, probably, British, venues, and on applicable laws and regulations.  Structured Finance is not strictly a finance practice. Corporate lawyers create entities to manage and hold these products capital markets lawyers make the structured products pass muster with securities laws package the instruments for sale, there are intricate tax issues, and litigation inevitably arises, usually breach of contract
litigation between issuers and holders over non-payment. Indeed the litigation arising from the 2008 Recession still lingers.

Based the revival of demand for structured products, this field has
resilience and a good choice for a lawyer considering his or her going
deeper into the arcane world of financial products or thinking switching

While I was General Counsel of a public corporation, I was directly involved
in the company's capital financing strategy including equity and debt offerings.  Please contact me to explore opportunities in Structured Finance or making a transition into the field.

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